Slow & Parkflyers


The Supermarine Spitfire is an icon of British grit and determination. ParkZone� has recreated the thrill of flying the Spitfire Mk IX on a smaller parkflyer scale with this fully-aerobatic, brushless-powered Bind-N-Fly� (BNF) reproduction. The Spitfire Mk IX provides even more scale realism with features such as optional retractable landing gear and has dual aileron servos for precise control.

The ParkZone� Spitfire Mk IX (PKZ5780) comes out of the box ready to bind to your DSM2 or DSMX radio. The model includes scale touches like 20mm cannons, exhaust and cockpit details, and an authentic Johnnie Johnson World War II trim scheme.

This 4-channel BNF model already has the servos installed, a powerful 15-sized brushless outrunner motor, an E-flite� 30A Pro Switch-Mode BEC brushless ESC, a 3-cell, 2200mAh, 25C, Li-Po battery pack, and a Spektrum� AR600 DSM2/DSMX receiver installed. It also includes 2 to 3-cell DC variable rate balancing charger. The assembly can literally be finished in the time it takes to charge the battery!

For my full review on the ParkZone Spitfire Mk IX BNF, go here.


The COX Sky Cruiser is everything a first plane should be; simple, stable, and easy to fly. This Ready-To-Fly (RTF) electric R/C glider takes less than 5 minutes to assemble. Everything you need is already in the box! The COX Sky Cruiser Glider comes with a 2.4GHz Radio system, motor, ESC, two propellers, LiPo battery, charger, and four AA batteries for the transmitter.

For my full review on the Cox Sky Cruiser, go here.


The new FunJet package from FMA Direct combines a complete Ready-To-Fly (RTF) aircraft with FMA's new Co-Pilot II patented infrared flight stabilization system. The Co-Pilot II uses onboard infrared sensors capable of measuring the difference in temperature between the earth and sky. If the model is in any orientation other than level, all the pilot has to do is return the right control stick to neutral on the transmitter and the aircraft will go to level flight in less than one second!

For my full review on the FMA FunJet RTF, go here.


ParkZone� has recreated the thrill of flying the Messerschmitt Bf-109G on a smaller parkflyer scale with this fully-aerobatic, brushless-powered Bind-N-Fly? (BNF) reproduction. The ParkZone� Messerschmitt Bf-109G (PKZ4980) comes out of the box with a realistic Luftwaffe paint scheme inspired by the markings of a Bf-109 flown by Erich Hartmann, Germany's leading WWII ace. Other scale touches include landing gear doors, exhaust stacks, gun ports and a port-side supercharger intake. Charge-and-Fly? convenience, outstanding flight performance and beautiful scale detail with the ParkZone Messerschmitt Bf-109G, you get it all.

This 4-channel Bf-109G BNF model already has the 3-wire servos, a ParkZone 15-size low Kv outrunner brushless motor, an E-flite� 30A brushless ESC, a 3-cell 1800mAh Li-Po battery pack, and a Spektrum? DSM2? full range AR500 receiver installed. It also comes complete with molded servo pockets for optional flaps. The assembly can literally be finished in the time it takes to charge the battery!

For my full review on the ParkZone Bf-109G BNF, go here.


The Hobbico FlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane is an electric powered, radio controlled, ready-to-fly scale model of the full size Cessna 182 Skylane. Designed for beginning to intermediate flyers in mind, it is made from tough AeroCell foam and comes with everything you need to get started!

The Cessna 182 Skylane is a FlyZone Select Scale model which means it's bigger, more detailed, and equipped with the best technology R/C can offer. The package includes a 5-channel Tactic 72MHz Radio, a 3-cell 1800mAh LiPo
pack, smart balancing charger, and A/C and D/C adapters to charge just about anywhere! Looks, power, performance, and style all combine for more impressive field presence.

For my full review on the FlyZone Cessna 182 RTF, go here.


ParkZone's version of the F4U Corsair features Spektrum DX5e radio technology, a 480-size brushless outrunner motor and 3-cell LiPo battery pack for ultimate control, exceptional performance and increased flight time. The optional fixed landing gear and steerable tail wheel allow for smooth takeoffs and landings. If you fly off grass, wing bottom skids are also provided to replace the landing gear. The attention to scale details in this plane is amazing, from its historically representative 3-color trim scheme to the pilot figure inside the cockpit. It even includes an optional 3-blade prop for even greater scale realism!

The Corsair delivers incredible looks and the immediate gratification from quick assembly that the ParkZone plane owners have grown to love. Further, the Spektrum DX5e radio technology and Z-Foam construction provides pilots with the durability and reliability they require in a park flyer.

For my full review on the ParkZone F4U Corsair RTF, go here.


The redesigned "Clever Boy" from Maxford USA features all wood laser cut parts with carbon fiber landing gear and many unique design extras. The factory assembled sections allow for the ARF to be disassembled in minutes and stored in an optional aluminum travel case. Other options include a detachable float set and an easy to install 120 watt brushless power system.

The Clever Boy was first designed and manufactured by Green Model in 2003. This 1st generation product had some design issues that were corrected in the 2nd generation Clever Boy in late 2004. The result is a superb flying plane with optional floats and traveling case. I consider this plane a sleeper that few people know about but anyone can fly. Just try to keep it away from your friends!

For my full review on the Clever Boy ARF, go here.


The World Models Cessna Skylane EP is a geared Speed 400 balsa-covered scale replica available from Airborne Models. The strong wood structure and tough covering give the airframe low wingloading and the capability for further power upgrades. It comes with geared speed 400 motor, propeller, and spinner.

The Cessna Skylane EP has full house controls (ailerons, elevator, rudder, and throttle) which extend maneuvering limits and deliver scale flying. Spare parts are also available from Airborne Models.

For my full review on the World Models Cessna Skylane EP, go here.


The new Cessna 182 by ParkFlyers R/C is a true scale-looking, Ready-To-Fly 3 or 4 channel R/C aircraft. Stunning looks make this plane both realistic in the air and when taxiing on the ground.

For my full review on the 4-channel Cessna 182, go here.


The new Space Scooter park flyer from Multiplex USA is an advanced version of the original Hitec/Funtec Sky Scooter.

The Space Scooter features a thin semi-symmetrical airfoil and improved streamlined fuselage, The Space Scooter also takes the latest in aerodynamic technology and blends it with Multiplex's unique ELAPOR foam to bring you a fantastic park flyer that is very durable and can be easily repaired with regular CA and kicker! The new RTF package comes with EVERYTHING you need included except for eight AA-size transmitter batteries and is available at Tower Hobbies. Space Scooter parts are interchangeable with the original Sky Scooter.

For my full review on the Multiplex Space Scooter, go here.


After seeing this great looking plane in the magazine and on-line promotions, I decided to review the ParkZone Super Decathlon RTF plane. The covering scheme not only looked fantastic but it is just the right combination of colors that I love to see for great flying orientation!

You won't need anything to get this plane up and into the sky. ParkZone has included everything right in the box.

For my full review on the ParkZone Super Decathlon, go here.


Nasty Toes Aviation gives you the opportunity to design custom remote control airplanes using pre-engineered parts. You can mix and match the parts to make a wide selection of airplanes.

The design of an airplane can meet the needs of a novice to an experienced flyer. Just use the basic rules of flight, and you could be flying a custom remote control airplane. If you need help with an idea for a design, or not sure of the basic rules of flight, check out their Links section. For examples of how the parts come together, check out the details of kits in the
Planes section of their site, or the X-Plane section.

For my project, I will be creating a simple 46" span biplane using a GWS EPS-400C power system. By keeping my plane light, I expect to be able to fly it indoors or around a small field in slow circles.

For my full review on the Nasty Toes Aviation "Mix & Match" parts, go here.


The new ParkZone Slo-V Electric RTF slowflyer is meant for either indoor gym flying or outdoor park flying. The 45.9" wingspan and geared 370 power system enable the Slo-V to fly very slowly at an all-up weight of only 15oz. ParkZone� Charge-and-Fly� park flyers come ready to fly. Everything you need to enjoy a relaxing flight in the park is in a single box, including the batteries. No gluing, painting, or hassles! In as little time as it takes to charge a battery pack, about 30 minutes, you're airborne.

For my full review on the ParkZone Slo-V, go here.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has a new Ready-To-Fly airplane called the BeginAir. The Begin-Air is a 4-channel aircraft that will teach the novice pilot how to fly a real 4-channel plane with virtually no building required. Controls are already installed for ailerons, rudder, elevator and proportional throttle. Also included is a 4-channel, FM, 2-stick radio that boasts a super long 2500 foot range.

The BeginAir is powered by a speed 480 high torque motor and 50 amp speed control which can provide flight speeds up to 50mph! The powerful speed 480 motor ensures good climb outs and responsive aerobatic flight control. The new BeginAir is a true 4-channel flight trainer that will teach the novice the 4 basic flight controls. BeginAir features a tough polypropylene plastic fuselage that is virtually unbreakable. All the electronics come pre-installed. Each piece is individually wrapped in plastic and stored in the box for protection against shipping damage.

For my full review on the BeginAir, go here.


The FlyZone Ventura is a complete Ready-To-Fly (RTF) package that includes everything for first flights in field-ready condition. All that is needed outside the package are eight AA batteries for the transmitter.

The Ventura RTF goes beyond the basics to offer a handful of refinements that few other start-up planes can match. The Ventura is the quickest and most maneuverable plane in the FlyZone line-up. It simply flies great!

For my full review on the FlyZone Ventura, go here.


The new Aerobird Xtreme from Hobby Zone is the first in their Z3 class of planes that was not designed to be used as a trainer. It is larger than the other "birds" with a 55" wingspan and weighs in at almost 2.5lbs! The additional size, added weight, and more powerful 540 motor allow the plane to be flown in wind with plenty of authority!

For my full review on the FlyZone Ventura, go here.


ParkZone� Charge-and-Fly� park flyers come ready to fly. Everything you need to enjoy a relaxing flight in the park is in a single box, including the batteries. No gluing, painting, or hassles! In as little time as it takes to charge a battery pack, about 40 minutes, you're airborne.

The ParkZone� J-3 Cub combines the classic lines and gentle flying manners of its legendary namesake for a superb park flying experience. Getting airborne is as easy as it gets. Mode Change Flight Control� software couples elevator and rudder for newer pilots, so they can smoothly adjust to using pitch. More experienced flyers can enjoy fully independent elevator and rudder control with a quick jumper change on the receiver.

For my full review on the ParkZone J-3 Cub, go here.


The new GWS Tiger Moth 400 is a larger version of the popular GWS Tiger Moth slowflyer. It has a geared Speed 400 motor, real semi-symmetrical airfoil wings, and full-house controls for ailerons, elevator, and rudder. The heavier, more powerful Tiger Moth 400 can fly in light to moderate wind conditions.

For my full review on the Tiger Moth 400, go here.


Fan-Tastic Models (FTM) has designed a new electric indoor/parkflyer--a scale version of one of the most important aircraft of all time. The AT-6 is designed as a parkflyer for moderate winds but is equally at home in a standard basketball-sized gym. The model is designed to used the inexpensive GWS IPS DX-A power system and features a uniquely molded extruded polystyrene foam fuselage, wing panels, and stabilizers.

For my full review on the FTM AT-6, go here.


Strega P-51

The Strega P-51 is a mini-scale electric Reno Racer ARF that is designed for indoor and outdoor flying with aileron and elevator controls. Fly it as a sporty slowflyer or get together with some friends and stage your own "Mini Reno Race". The fuselage and wing are pre-painted, and the ailerons are pre-installed, making it quick to get into the air. A special shock mount for the motor is pre-assembled in the firewall.

This is a re-design of the Fantastic Models "Rare Bear" model by Flying Styro in the Czech Republic. It is exclusively distributed by Hobby Lobby Int. The model builds easily and is a joy to fly!

Click here for my review on the E-Zone.


Graupner Mini Piper

Here is my 10.8oz Mini Piper powered by a Graupner 7.2v Speed 300 Plus motor.

The Mini Piper from Hobby Lobby has throttle, elevator and rudder controls.

Click here for my review on the E-Zone.


Rare Bear Mini Reno Racer

Here is my 6.7oz Rare Bear powered by a GWS DX-A (Lite Stik) motor.

The Rare Bear Reno Racer from Hobby Lobby has throttle, elevator and aileron controls.

Click here for my review on the E-Zone.


wattage.gif (612 bytes)  Tipsy


bulletWingspan: 35" (889mm)
bulletWing Area: 180 sq. in. (11.6 dm2)
bulletLength: 29" (737mm)
bulletFlying Weight: RTF @ 10.1oz. (286g)
bulletMotors used: Speed 280 motor (direct)
bulletProp: 4.7"x2.4" (12x6cm) reverse folding
bulletCells: 7-cell 720mAh NiMH pack
bulletSpeed Control: Graupner Pico 5 ESC
bulletRadio and gear: GWS R4-P micro receiver and 2 HS-55 sub-Micro servos
bulletManufacturer: Graupner via Hobby Lobby

The new Graupner Tipsy is a lightweight e-powered parkflyer that will give many hours of flying pleasure in calm conditions or a gentle breeze.

          Click here for my review on the E-Zone.


Ikarus Bleriot III

images/Bleriot.jpg (14795 bytes)When Hobby Lobby had their IKarus Bleriot III blowout sale for $19, along with the motor/gearbox/prop kit for another $10 , I just had to try my first Slow Flyer! The Bleriot series was a proven design and the Ikarus name was well known by seasoned slow flyers.

bleriot_gondola_thumb.jpg (22399 bytes) Slim1_thumb.JPG (4835 bytes) Slim2_thumb.JPG (5759 bytes)

I recently upgraded my Bleriot III to use #14 carbon reinforced "Fireline" from Berkely on my pull-pull control system and a new pilot "Slim" from Hobby Lobby. He weighs only a couple grams.


bulletIkarus Bleriot III SlowFlyer
bulletWingspan = 50"
bulletWing Area = 472 sq. in.
bulletLength = 34"
bulletRTF @ 12.0oz.
bulletIkarus 280 Speed motor
bulletGreat Planes Electrifly C-10 ESC
bulletAPC 12x5 Nylon prop
bulletx.x amps @ xxx RPMs with 7-cells of 350mA NiCd

Modifications from Stock:

bulletUnder the wing camber modification string
bulletuse 7-cells NiCd instead of the stock 6-cells
bulletReplaced wheels with 3.5" Lite Stik wheels
bulletadded a bushing to the stock gear drive


GWS Lite Stik (aka Wattage "Pico Stick")

litestik.jpg (7493 bytes)


bulletGWS LiteStik (a.k.a. Pico Stick)
bulletWingspan = 38"
bulletWing Area = 237 sq. in.
bulletLength = 27"
bulletRTF @ 7.0oz.
bulletGWS DX-A motor
bulletGreat Planes Electrifly C-5 ESC
bulletAPC 10x4.7 prop
bulletFlight packs using 7-cells of 110mA NiCd or 8-cells of 300mAh NiMH

Modifications from Stock:

bulletthe infamous wing dihedral string
bulletuse 7-cells NiCd instead of the stock 6-cells on DX-A motor


GWS Slow Stik

This is one impressive slowflyer! A great plane for the beginning R/Cer.


bulletGWS Slow Stik
bulletWingspan = 46.3"
bulletWing Area = 506 sq. in.
bulletLength = 37.6"
bulletRTF @ 14.0oz.
bulletGWS EPS-300C motor/gearbox (included)
bulletGWS ICS-100 ESC
bulletGWS 11x8 prop (included)
bullet8-cells of 800mA 5/4AAA NiMH (Wattage Crazy Max)

Modifications from Stock:

bulletsupported the tail stabilizers with 2 carbon rods
bulletused the 4.1oz, 8-cell, 800mAh, NiMH pack instead of NiCds



- See the 26" Birdworks "Tilde" in my Wings section.

- My 20.5" COX Viper P-51 Conversion is here.

Check out my E-Zone article on the 2/3 scale Ultra-Lite Stik here.


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