Up Super Terry

My "Terry" uses a Graupner 4:1 Speed Gear, 11x8 CAM folding prop, and 8-cell 500A NiCd pack, RTF at 22.6oz.

My Graupner "Terry" is a mini-sailplane that fly's slow and easy. It's a lot of fun to fly! My "Terry" uses a the stock configuration but 7-cells instead of 6. A great flying plane that easily cuts through the wind.

Click on the image above for a detailed look inside the ship.

Click for a larger image of my HOB Two Tee My H.O.B. (House Of Balsa) TWO TEE Sailplane was inherited from a co-worker that built it 13 years ago as an I.C. gas plane but never flew it. I converted the plane to electric power before it's maiden voyage on 2/24/01. It was built very sturdy using a plywood fuselage and epoxy. The wing is made from balsa.

I was very surprised with the grace and lift that this sailplane had. It is relaxing and fun to fly. The 6.5 foot wingspan is impressive and the T-Tail design makes it very distinctive looking. Unfortunitly, the wing separated from the fuselage during a windy flight with a weak rubberband and was lost in the nearby woods.

HOB Two Tee Specifications:

bulletTwo Meter Class, T-Tail Sailplane
bulletWingspan = 79"
bulletWing Area = 630 sq. in.
bulletLength = 40"
bulletRTF @ 48oz. (3 lbs.)
bulletGraupner Speed 600 7.2 motor with 3:1 gearbox
bulletwhen the motor wears out, it will be replaced with a Magnetic Mayhem Reverse
bulletGraupner 12x10 CAM folding prop
bullet20 amps @ 4600RPM with 8-cells of 800AR


Norvel400.jpg (4360 bytes)

Norvel GlassAir 400 Motor Glider Specifications:

bulletWingspan = 73"
bulletWing Area = 455 sq. in.
bulletWing Loading = 8oz/sq. ft.
bulletLength = 35.4"
bulletWeight 26oz
bullet6v Speed 400 motor with 4:1 Speed Gear
bullet11x8 CAM folding prop
bullet8 cells of 500A or 600AE


explorer.jpg (14564 bytes)

Thunder Tiger "Explorer 2M" Specifications:

bulletWingspan = 79"
bulletWing Area = 596 sq. in.
bulletWing Loading = 9oz/sq. ft.
bulletLength = ??"
bulletWeight 52oz
bulletMagnetic Mayhem Speed 600 motor with 2.8:1 Graupner In-line Speed Gear
bullet12x10 CAM folding prop
bullet8 cells of 800AR or CP1300SCR (same weight)