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Welcome to Greg Covey's R/C Web Hangar

For over 15 years now I have been addicted to flying electric powered R/C airplanes. It's great fun and I get a lot of satisfaction from the hobby. The attraction of flying electric-only ships (as opposed to glow, gas, or turbine engines) probably comes from my Electrical Engineering background. I fly only clean and quiet electric-powered aircraft. Most of them are quiet but a few of them make more noise than you would expect.

My current passion is with Multi-Rotor Copters (or MRC) and I post on RC Groups mostly in the Multirotor forums. The evolution of MRC technology is changing so fast that it reminds me of when I first started flying with electric planes some 15 years ago. Feel free to check out my new projects on the Multi-Rotor page or my Vimeo page where I host some videos showing new technology.

In the past, I have written many reviews for most of the hobby publications and had several long-term columns. My first published column was back in 2002 for Sailplane and Electric Modeler magazine which turned into Quiet Flyer magazine. I then started an e-column on RC Universe called, AMP'D which also lasted for several years. Today, by choice, I write  for Model Retailer and drone360 magazines. Model Retailer goes to all the local hobby shops. It's a fun gig and allows me to spend most of my free time playing with MRC and all the new technology it has to offer.

drone360 magazine is part of the Discover magazine group and is published by Kalmbach. It covers a wide range of drone topics from the gear used to the technology behind it to the ethical issues that arise from military to law enforcement to commercial or even hobby use.

Although these are a bit dated, you can check my published reviews below and AMP'D columns on the RCU magazine.

click above for a list of issues

To reduce downloading time, I have split my R/C "Web Hangar" into categories that can be viewed in detail by selecting them individually. Here is a list of my planes divided into appropriate categories.

Multi-Rotor Copters:  click category for more photos

First Person Visual (FPV):  click category for more photos

Glow-to Electric Conversions:Glow-to Electric Conversions:   click category for more photos

  • 1/3 Scale 1913 Eastbourne Monoplane and RCU thread
  • World Models 42% Ultimate conversion, Part1 , Part2
  • The Wings Maker Ultimate 40 and review
  • The Wings Maker Clipped Wing Cub 48 and review
  • World Models 1/3 scale Clipped Wing Cub and review
  • Hangar 9 1.50-size P-51D Mustang and review
  • World Models 1/4 scale J3 Cub and review  
  • World Models Ultimate 40S and review  
  • Bullit High-Speed Wing and review
  • Black Horse Model Decathlon ARF and review 
  • Senior Telemaster ARF and review
  • UltraRC Icepoint 2-meter pattern plane and review 
  • Hangar 9 33% Edge 540 conversion, Part1 , Part2 , Part 3D 
  • World Models P-82 Twin Mustang and review
  • .40 size Graupner Extra 300S AXI-fied Conversion and review 
  • Vmar Easy 3D and review
  • .60 size Great Planes Little Toni with a Kontronik Brushless 600 Set for Model Airplane News
  • .60 size Great Planes Lancair with a Kontronik Brushless 600 Set for Quiet Flyer magazine
  • .60 size Graupner Extra 300S using an AXI 4120 outrunner motor and review
  • .60 size Hangar 9 F4U Corsair and review 
  • .40 size Hobby Lobby Skylark Pattern Plane (RCU thread) (Super Skylark thread)
  • .30 size Lanier Razor 3D (5 lbs) powered by Aveox 27/39/1.5 geared motor and review
  • .60 size Hangar 9 AT-6 Texan and review
  • .40 size Graupner Extra 300S (7 lbs) powered by MaxCim 13D on 4s5p Kokam pack
  • .60 size Graupner ShowFlyer (7 lbs) powered by MaxCim 13Y on 24-cells
  • .30 size Extra 300S (5.6lbs) powered by Astro Flight 625G Cobalt motor and review
  • .60 size Hacker Arrow 3D (7.5 lbs.) powered by MaxCim 13Y
  • .30 size Graupner Monsun Trainer (e-conversion)
  • .40 size WWI German Taube 40 from Balsa USA
  • .90 size 1920s Velie Monocoupe (81.5" wingspan) Electric Conversion and review

EDF: click category for more photosclick category for more photos

Flying Boats: click category for more photos

Trainers: click category for more photos

  • FMA FunJet RTF with On-board Flight Stabilization and review
  • Multiplex Mentor and review
  • E-flite Apprentice 15e RTF and review
  • Hobbico ElectriStar Select and review
  • Hobbico Superstar EP and review
  • Black Horse Electric Trainer and review
  • Multiplex Magister and review
  • Multiplex Magister AXI-fied hopup
  • Mulitplex Easystar HobbyZone Firebird Scout and review
  • Wattage Cessna 180 RTF and review
  • Kyosho Ferias (Speed 400)
  • Hacker Helio Courier (Speed 600)
  • Graupner Monsun Trainer (e-conversion)

Wings: click category for more photos

  • Firebird EDF Jet and review
  • Trick R/C Zagi Tazz and review
  • Great Planes "Super" Slinger wing with Kontronik Brushless 400 Set and review
  • SuperFly-E Delta wing and review
  • ProJeti Racing Wing and review
  • Zagi Fixx
  • Zagi 400, 400X
  • Zagi "Americana" Eagle
  • 6' Super Zagi Twin Project and review
  • mini-Zagi 2/3 Scale Project and review
  • Birdworks 26" Tilde EPP wing and review
  • Pop-Fly from EAM

Sailplanes: click category for more photos

  • Graupner Terry
  • Norvel GlassAir 400 Motor Glider
  • HOB Two Tee (R.I.P.)
  • Global Explorer 2M

Aerobatic & 3D: click category for more photos

  • Hangar 9 Sundowner 36 and review
  • Great Planes Sequence F3A and review
  • E-Flite Stearman PT-17 15e and review
  • Great Planes Edge 540T and review
  •  E-flite Deuces Wild 25e2 ARF and review
  • E-flite Enticement F3P and review
  • COX Christen Eagle ARF and review
  • Fliton Inspire Mini and review
  • DMZ Decathlon EP-400 ARF and review
  • E-flite J3 Cub 25 and review Reflex 3D and review
  • E-flite mini Edge 540 and review
  • Fliton ICON 312 and review
  • World Models "Fun World EP" and review using an AXI 4120 outrunner motor
  • .30 size Lanier Razor 3D (5 lbs) powered by Aveox 27/39/1.5 geared motor and review
  • .60 size Graupner Extra 300S (7 lbs) powered by MaxCim 13D on 4s5p Kokam pack
  • .60 size Graupner ShowFlyer (7 lbs) powered by MaxCim 13Y on 24-cells
  • .30 size Extra 300S (5.6lbs) powered by Astro Flight 625G Cobalt motor and review
  • .60 size Hacker Arrow 3D (7.5 lbs.) powered by MaxCim 13Y
  • Hobby Lobby Pigi 3D
  • Kyosho Flash (3 lbs.) powered by Kyosho Endoplasma
  • Kavan Mad-Dog (R.I.P.)
  • Extra 3.25 "Endo-Powered" and review
  • Wattage Extra 330L and review
  • 28" Akro Champion Street Flyer, 3 setups and Indoor Conversion Saga
  • 32" Brushless "Indoor" Champion and article
  • Wattage Crazy Max and review
  • JR Models Tiger Diablo from Hobby Lobby
  • Potensky Cobra and Eagle and review
  • Wipa Firecat with AXI 2820/10 motor
  • T3D Cap from eDogFight and review
  • Fliton Flubber and review

Slow Flyers & Park Flyers: click category for more photos

  • ParkZone Spitfire Mk IX BNF and review
  • Cox Sky Cruiser and review
  • FMA FunJet RTF with On-board Flight Stabilization and review
  • ParkZone Bf-109G BNF and review
  • Hobbico FlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane RTF and review
  • ParkZone F4U Corsair RTF and review
  • Maxford USA Clever Boy ARF on Floats and review
  • World Models Cessna Skylane EP and review
  • Parkflyers.com Cessna 182 and review
  • Multiplex Space Scooter and review
  • ParkZone Super Decathlon and review
  • Nasty Toes Aviation "Mix & Match" parts review
  • ParkZone Slo-V and review
  • Parkflyers.com BeginAir and review
  • FlyZone Ventura and review
  • HobbyZone Aerobird X-treme and review
  • ParkZone J-3 Cub and review
  • GWS Tiger Moth 400 and review
  • FTM AT-6 Texan and review
  • Strega P-51 Reno Racer and review
  • Graupner Mini Piper and review
  • Graupner Tipsy and review
  • Ikarus Bleriot III
  • GWS Slow Stik
  • GWS LiteStik (aka Pico Stick)
  • Ultra-Lite Stick (my own 5oz version) and review
  • Rare Bear Reno Racer and review

Micro-Flight / Indoor Flight: click category for more photos

  • E-flite UMX Extra 300 3D BNF and review
  • E-flite UMX Beast BNF and review
  • E-Flite Blade mCX Tandem Rescue RTF and review
  • Great Planes VFO Sport 3D/EP ARF
  • ParkZone Sukhoi Su-26m BNF and review
  • E-flite Blade mCX S300 RTF/BNF Micro Heli and review
  • ParkZone Vapor RTF and review
  • COX Micro P-51 ARF and review
  • Picoo-Z Micro Heli
  • Hobbico Classic Bipe cconversion
  • Wattage Micro Flyer and rreview
  • Cirrus Micro Joule Flight Pack and rreview
  • AeroFlakes Indoor Events 22003 Coverage
  • Harbor Freight "Sky Runner" CConversion
  • Ikara i>"Hangar Rat" Free-flight to R/C Bit-charger Conversion
  • Akro Champion Indoor CConversion
  • 1.4oz, 14" Funcraft P-51 Conversion w/RFFS100 module
  • 3.8oz Firefly-powered TIny from Todd's Models
  • 1.3oz, 14" Graupner Micro-Taxi w/RFFS100 module
  • 3.7oz, 15" Akro-Bipe (Firefly-powered)
  • 18.5" Formoplast Cannonshot Bi-plane (aka Kavanshot)
  • 20.5" COX Viper P-51 CoConversion
  • Ikara >"Firefly" R Rubber-powered free flight glider
  • 3.3oz, 19" Wattage Lightning (bashed w/Firefly motor)
  • DWE Mini Stik and rereview
  • DWE Widget and vivideo
  • Blade Runner mico heli and vivideo
  • Lipol One (modified) and video

Seaplanes: click category for more photos

  • E-flite J3 Cub 25 on floats and review
  • Ferias on Floats
  • Aventura II

Historic Aviation: click category for more photos

  • Great Planes Fokker DR1 and review
  • 1913 Rapid from Peter Rake plans
  • WWI German Taube 40 from Balsa USA
  • Ikarus Bleriot III
  • Graupner GeeBee (1928 GeeBee Sportster) and review
  • GeeBee power upgrade to the Plettenberg FreeStyle 24 motor review
  • Great Planes "Spirit of St. Louis" (review)
  • 81.5" wingspan 1928 Monocoupe Electric Conversion and review
  • Monocoupe on floats RCU thread

Blimps: click category for more photos

  • Plantranco 4' R/C Tri-fan Blimp

 Military: click category for more photos

 Motors/Misc: click category for more photos

  • Aerosound R/C Scale Sound Systems and review
  • ST Labs 5-in-1 eDVR Video Camera and review
  • FlightPower USA and EVO Lithium Polymer Packs and review
  • RC Sky Diver and review
  • BNB Digital Power Recorder and review
  • UltraFly B-series motor and review
  • Futaba 6EXA radio and review
  • 2004 RIT Indoor Flying Festival coverage
  • Watt's Up watt meter and review
  • Pro Exotics MicroTemp gun and review
  • FMA LV Flight Pack and review
  • Hobby Lobby Honey Bee heli and review
  • Plettenberg Freestyle XL and review
  • Plettenberg Freestyle 24, Shulze Future 11.20e Controller and review
  • Model Airplane Forum 2003 coverage
  • TTE100 Computer Controlled Battery Charger and review
  • R/C Smoke System for Electrics and review
  • FMA FS5 Receiver and review

VTOL: click category for more photos

  • Volantex Ranger EX QuadPlane Conversion
  • Hobby King Bix3 QuadPlane Conversion
  • FireFLY6 VTOL Tilt-rotor Flying Wing
  • Canadair CL-84 Scale Tilt-Wing
  • Great Planes VFO
  • Project VTOL

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