Extra 300S


.30-Size Extra 300S from Fun-Key


I first spotted the Extra 300S ARF in a magazine advertisement by Yellow Aircraft and I immediately noticed its classic sport plane looks.  I then discovered that it was a 30-size scale ARF from Fun-Key Models and decided it would make a great conversion to electric power using an Astro Flight Cobalt motor. The attention to detail and degree of pre-fabricated work are impressive. All major components are pre-covered with Monokote. The fiberglass cowl is pre-cut, painted, and decaled. The plastic wheel pants are colored red to match the covering scheme. The undercarriage gear has been pre-painted and the control surfaces are all pre-slotted and hinged but not glued. The hardware set is complete with spinner, motor mount, fuel tank, wheels, and linkage parts.


bullet Fun-Key 30-size Extra 300S Aerobatic airplane
bulletWingspan = 1370 mm (53.9)
bulletWing Area = 31.7 dm2 (491 sq. in.)
bulletLength = 1100 mm (43.3)
bulletReady-To-Fly (RTF) @ 90 oz. (5.6 lbs.) with 18-cells
bulletRTF Zero-cell weight is 60oz.
bulletAstro Flight 625G Cobalt motor (geared 1.68:1)
bulletJeti 450 ESC (speed control)
bulletAPC 13x6.5 e-prop
bullet600 watts at 35 amps with 18-cells of CP1700SCR

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