I have the blimp from Plantranco. It is about 4' long and 3' high. It works well indoors like a house or gym but at a trade show I took it to in Houston, the air currents proved to be too strong for it.

Eventually, I plan to replace the stock N20 motors and B2 props with a better GWS system. I would also replace the 27MHz. radio system with a GWS receiver and use my Futaba Super-8 programming for some programmable movement.

The $30 disposable helium tanks available at most party stores work very well. Once the blimp is filled, it stays good for weeks before needing a little boost.

Blimp Specifications:

bullet52" x 37" before inflated
bullet48" x 20" after inflated
bullet4.5 Cubic feet capacity
bulletlifts 90grams (3.2oz) at sea level

My daughter Amanda tests flies the blimp first.

Then I was allowed to have some fun too.

Finally, we used it at a trade show in Houston. The blimp was tethered to the booth when not in use. I removed some of the clay weight to make it rise. We had some stickers made with our company logo for each side of the blimp.